Whats new in this version?

You won't have to worry about anything really major changing but we do have some new UI elements and add-ons that will make your life that much better! These updates include:

  • Downloadable HTML template pages that can be copy/pasted into an existing project or added to your project upon downloading from the customizer.
  • The Add-on's section includes a round-up of all the playground pieces, etc that aren't officially included in Foundation, but built to work with it. This includes: Templates, Icon Fonts, Off-Canvas Layouts, Responsive Tables, SVG Social Icons, and Omnigraffle Stencils.
  • Foundation now includes a responsive top navigation bar. You have control over when it snaps into the mobile layout and what you include in it. We've made it really easy to customize using Scss or our download customizer.
  • Right-to-left language support straight out of the box. You can adjust this in the settings.scss file or upon downloading with the customizer.
  • New UI Styles for Progress Bars and Image Thumbs.
  • Updated to include jQuery 1.8.1
  • Orbit thumbnail documentation.
  • Better Reveal size documentation.

I'm really looking forward to playing around with the new update! Woot.